Matter: an exhibition at The Bakery

MATTER is an exhibition taking place this fall at The Bakery in San Diego, CA, which explores the physical experiments and processes that link creative disciplines from art to architecture and design. The objects exhibited will serve as glimpses into


The evolution of the s.phx.121.111 project came via a commission from a colleague who was in need of a new lighting fixture for his home. The primary goal of the project was to simplify some of the more complex aspects

Victor Civita Plaza

Built on a recently deactivated garbage collection and incinerator site, the Victor Civita Plaza & Museum for Sustainability reinvigorated the 130,000 sq. ft. site in central São Paulo. Like many postindustrial urban sites, the desire for open public space and


The research behind the lamp installation project was twofold. The initial development began as an investigation into the ability of Rhinoceros’s Grasshopper program to dynamically panelize a doubly-curved surface with planar elements to be cut from flat-sheeted material. As the

Six Scripts for Karl Blossfeldt

Karl Blossfeldt’s early twentieth-century work focused on exploring vegetal form through magnified photography. These plant forms then became source material for the designers of the early art nouveau movement. The photographs were reintroduced as source material for formal investigations in

Native Son – Fall 2011 Show

The Native Son fashion label enlisted Jordan Tait to design their fall 2011 New York City Fashion Week show hosted by Ecco Domani Wines at Pier 59 Studios. As a design and construction consultant in the project I was involved

On Chapels, Caves, and Erotic Misery_Sculpture Center

The fifth and final installation of the On Chapels, Caves, and Erotic Misery series was an installation created by Christian Tomaszewski for the Sculpture Center in Long Island City, New York. Christian’s vision was to expand upon our previous installation’s

On Chapels, Caves, and Erotic Misery_Chemintz

The first installation of the On Chapels, Caves, and Erotic Misery series by Christian Tomaszwaski was a result of an invitation to display not only the previous sculptural pieces created by Tomaszwaski, but also to stage an intervention within the

Aggregated Assemblies

Aggregated Assemblies is the title of a course taught by myself, Brent Klokis, and Justin Foster at NJIT’s School of Architecture during the summer of 2010. The course was initially intended to be an advanced scripting and parametrics course that